Proceedings The Second International Workshop in Islamic Economy Theory (2010) Fakulti Ekonomi, Universiti Kebangsan Malaysia./188

PROCEEDINGS The Second International Workshop in Islamic Economy Theory yang diadakan pada 08-09 Disember 2010 bertempat di Fakulti Ekonomi, Universiti Kebangsan Malaysia bertemakan: Islamic Micro-Finance Towards Globar Poverty Alleviation Sustainable Development. Sebanyak 15 kertas kerja yang dibentangkan pada seminar ini. m/s:337. Berikut adalah senarai tajuk kertas kerja:

  1. Poverty Changes during the Three Recent Development Plans in Iran (1995-2007)
  2. Role of microcredit to alleviate poverty: a critical review of Impact study of Grameen Bank Microcredit in Bangladesh
  3. Islamic Micro Finance (IMF): Prospects and Challenges
  4. Islamic Micro-Investment Model (IMIM) as a Way Forward of Fighting Poverty
  5. Islamic Microcredit & poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh: A Review of Islami Bank Microcredit scheme from the existing literature.
  6. Burgeoning Household Debt: An Islamic Economic Perspective
  7. The Role of Spiritual Motivation in Acceptance of Information Technology in Indonesia
  8. The Need for Accounting Information System to Facilitate Partnership Contracts in Islamic Microfinance Institutions:The Case of Baitul Maal wa Tamwil (BMT) in Indonesia
  9. Conceptual Framework of Group-Based Mudharabah Financing for Small and Medium Enterprises
  10. Qardhul Hasan Principles Applied to Micro Finance Facilities
  11. Religiousity, Social Dignity, Trust and Its’ Effect on Customers’ Repayment Performance in Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (Bmt) in Southern Region of Kedu
  12. Linking Corporate Social Responsibility with Islamic Micro- Finance
  13. Efficiency And Sustainability of MFI: Perspective of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM).
  14. Micro-financing Practices with Mutual Benefits
  15. Decision Making Tools for Reource Allocation Based on Maqasid Al- Shariah: The Case of Sudan

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