PROSIDING International EMF Conference (2007). Anjuran Universiti Malaya dan DLL/124

PROSIDING International EMF Conference, Anjuran Universiti Malaya dan juga beberapa badan lain yang terlibat dalam penganjuran bersama.  Seminar ini diadakan pada 4-6 June 2007 bertempat di Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur.  Antara topiknya, Electromagnetic Fields, Bioeffects Research, Medical Applications, and Standards Harmonization. Berikut adalah kertas kerja invited papers, oral papers, poster papers dan lain-lain.m/s:186



1. IEEE Radio Frequency Exposure Standard
2. Protection against EMF Exposure: Science-Based and Precaution-Oriented Approaches


1. Public Perception of Non-Ionizing Radiation in Malaysia
2. The Future of Radio Frequency Bioeffects Research at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
3. Public Policy Initiatives - Regulatory Framework in Addressing EMF


1. Exposure Effects of RF-EMF on the Cerebral Microcirculation in Rats
2. Bioeffects of Extremely High Peak Power, Ultra-Short Electric Field Pulses
3. A Thermal Model of RF Absorption
4. Electromagnetic Properties of Tissue in the Terahertz Region
5. Childhood Health Effects of Exposure to ELF-EM Fields: Epidemiological Studies
6. Ensuring Effective Protection against ELF Adverse Effects: The Australian Experience
7. RF Heating of Metallic Implants during MRI
8. EMF Dosimetry in High Quality Risk Assessment
9. Medical Response and Management of Incidents Involving Reported RF Overexposure
10. Public Exposure to ELF EMF from Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems in Malaysia –Are Current Regulations and Guides Adequate to Protect Them?
11. Radiofrequency Measurements of Mobile Phone Base Stations for Addressing Public Concern


1. Summary of Animal and Cellular Studies on the Biological Effects of Ultra-Wideband/Ultra-Broadband Pulses
2. A fMRI Pilot Study on Power-Line Magnetic Fields and Brain Activation
3. Developing Safety Standards for Electromagnetic Fields: The IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES)
4. Update of WHO Educational Portal on EMF
5. A 1.9 GHz Cylindrical Waveguide Exposure System for Small Rodents
6. Ministry of Health Update on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in Malaysia
7. Experience in Testifying During Public and Court Hearings on Electromagnetic Fields in the Philippines
8. The Effects of a Specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Field on Blood Flow in the Microcirculation
9. A Simulation Study on Two Straight Photonic Crystals in Microwave Range
10. Analysis of Speaking and Non-Speaking Emission of External Electric Field via Applied Tones in Different Strengths & Frequencies to Mobile Phone in Different Periods of the Day
11. Do in vitro Findings of the Bioeffector Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Support in vivo Investigation?
12. Investigation of High Frequency Hearing Loss among Mobile Phone Users


1. Health Aspects of the Use of Mobile Phones & Base Stations on the 2G and 3G Networks
2. Microtubule Impairment and Micronucleus Prevalence in Cultured Cells Following Mobile-Phone
3. Frequency Irradiation
4. Epidemiological Study of Genomic Instability in Occupational Exposure to 132kV Substation workers
5. Theoretical and Experimental Bioeffects Research for High-Power Terahertz Electromagnetic Energy
6. The Conical Horn Antenna as a Hyperthermia Applicator
7. Temporal Registration of Radiofrequency Information and CT Images for RF Ablation Procedure
8. A Study of Photonic Crystals as Waveguide in Microwave Region
9. The Role of N-Acetyl Cysteine on Antioxidant Enzyme Levels and Oxidative Stress against Mobile Phone Radiation
10. Design of a 93 GHz Integrated Rectangular Waveguide Resonator for SU-8 Micromachining
11. Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) Effects on Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) of Female Rats

12. A Survey of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Magnetic Fields in Paediatric Wards at the University of Malaya Medical Centre
13. Simplified Analytical Computations of Specific Absorption Rate for a Finite Length Dipole in Lossy Dielectric
14. A Study of Factors Affecting Bovine Liver Ablation Size in Multi-Prong Electrode Radiofrequency Ablation
15. Online Survey of Children’s Understanding of Mobile Phones and EMF
16. Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted by Shortwave Diathermy Equipment in Hospitals
17. Measurement of Electromagnetic (EMF) Exposure in Engineering Teaching Laboratories in the University of Malaya, Malaysia


1. Electromagnetic Fields and Health: A WHO Perspective
2. Epidemiology of Mobile Phone Exposure and Adverse Health Effects
3. The Effects of Electromagnetic Pulse on the Blood-Brain-Barrier of Rats
4. EMC and Medical Application
5. A Risk Management Framework for RF Emissions - Case Study from Australia
6. Determination of Laterality of Mobile Phone Use
7. CW 900 MHz and CW 1800 MHz EMF Alter Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability
8. Perceptions in Reality in Concerns about Low Level Radiofrequency Exposure
9. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Inhibits ELF Electric Field Induced Nitric Oxide Production

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